5 Things to Notice in The Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer

After the new Spider-Man Homecoming trailer came out a few days ago, fans have been picking it apart to figure out what we saw and what some of these scenes we see may mean. I’m not the first to do this but here are my own opinions on what to keep an eye on in the trailer. Watch it on YouTube here.

1. Tony Stark & Peter Parker Relationship

Whether you believe or not Tony Stark is up to the task of teacher/mentor is totally up to you. Sure he’s still that hot headed egotistical billionaire with a high tech suit(s) but he’s learned some stuff since we first met him in 2008. Not only has he saved the world more than twice but he’s sacrificed his life for others showing that he’s not as selfish as he once was. Oh and he’s made more mistakes than most, ones that he most definitely wishes he could take back i.e. Ulton and Civil War among others. So experience is on his side.


Peter Parker is a teenager. He’s 15, barely hit puberty and in high school, all the while being able to throw an SUV over his head like a rock and swing in between the NY skyline like a monkey. So life’s normal. I don’t know about you but I love this. Never before have we gotten a live action Spider-Man who’s actually the correct age he gets his powers in the comics. People seem to forget not only how important that is but how amazing. Just think back to when you were 15 and if you could do what Peter does on day to day basis. It’s nuts, but it’s why he so relatable and has become one of the most recognizable superheroes besides Superman. The reason I bring this up is because that’s why Marvel made Stark a sort of mentor for Peter. One to show him the ropes and tell him what to and not to do.

Honestly I’m a little nervous to see how this plays out. What will this new relationship bring into this story. It could also shape their relationship for Avengers Infinity War and other movies to come. I mean Tony gives him the phrase “the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” to use, I mean he might not’ve been the first to say it, but he still said it. That’s pretty cool. Oh and lets not forget the infamous boat scene that fans are dying to see after it looks suspiciously like two other scenes from the previous  Spider-Man and Amazing Spiderman movies. I wonder if Stark will help only then or if he continuously helps throughout the movie. We’ll have to see.

2. New Suit, New Gadgets

First we gotta talk about that new suit. Ever since we saw Spider-Man don the new suit in Captain America Civil War fans have been picking and prodding at the design like it was their job. The eyes are the first thing I notice. Much like a camera’s lens (Peter Parker is known to be a great photographer) the eyes are big and expressive. Stan Lee has said that the reason for the big eyes were to distract the opponent. Another important factor in the suit is the web cartridges, belt and wrist bands. I know it was done in the Andrew Garfield Amazing Spider-Man but I kinda hope we get to see Peter play with his creation, the science geek side of Peter is one of my favorite aspects of the character. Anyway, the belt and wrist bands look great and give his suit another dynamic that no other spidey has had. Lastly the thick black lines outlining his physique was a great idea by marvel, Tom Holland is already pretty small (great size for a gymnast which spider-man emulates in his fighting styles) but with this trimmings they highlight all the size he does have well.

The gadgets are pretty cool as well and are all because Stark thought he needed something to make him stand out. The first gadget we ever saw was the Spidey signal, much like the batman signal in the comics, Spider-Man has used the thing for many situations so it’s cool to finally see it on the big screen (we first see this in the Civil War after credits scene). A new gadget that I think Marvel created for their MCU Spider-Man (I could be wrong) so he can be smarter in a fight against a bigger threat than just one spider can take on, is that little spider emblem robot that comes off his insignia. Aside, I love how tiny the spider is on this suits’ chest, though the OG was a tad larger it looked spectacularly similar. I still wonder how exactly Spidey will use it and what it does. Lastly, probably an addition most fans have been wanting for a while are the web gliders that come out of Spider-Man’s armpits to him glide through the city of New York with ease. Not only do they look cool but they are straight outta the comics. 

3. New Friends

While members of the cast like Zendaya (no one really knows who the hell she’s playing), Laura Harrier (Liz Allen), Tony Revolori (Flash Thompson), and Angourie Rice (Betty Brant) weren’t in the newest trailer we still got to see Peter’s best friend Ned Leeds (played by Jacob Batalon). While Ned Leeds looks suspiciously like Miles Morales’ best friend Ganke from the comics (who he also tells his secret too) I’m guessing Marvel Studios pulled a good comic book trait from one Spider-Man and gave it to their MCU Spidey. If you don’t know who Morales is, he is a black Spider-Man that took up the mantle after Peter Parker died (he has of course come back to life) with mostly the same powers but with a little flare. Since Marvel decided to go with Ned I doubt we will see Peter’s most famous best friend, Harry Osborn, who was in both the Spider-Man trilogy and Amazing Spider-Man 2.

While we know that Liz Allen seems to be the love interest in Homecoming for Peter (no not Mary Jane) and Flash a bully who actually later becomes Agent Venom in the comics before he joins the Guardians of The Galaxy (again in the comics), we still don’t know very much about this supporting cast of characters from Peter Parker’s life. Which I am not mad about because I’d rather go into the movie and be completely oblivious.

4. Classic Villains, Beware

Well what can I say? Batman is officially a villain, jk but really Michael Keaton is a villain in Homecoming and he plays none other than Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture. The vulture doesn’t exactly have the fame as Green Goblin, Sandman, Venom or even Doc Oc being a Spider-Man villain, but he has always been a favorite of mine. What’s even better it seems Marvel pulled out all the stops to make him as comic book accurate as possible, with a little MCU tweaks (like the fact that he uses alien tech from Avengers to fly and fight) This is one part of the movie that I am probably most curious about which is why I left it for last in the article. The reason that is is because I feel like we still don’t know who the real shocker is.

We see Peter (before the Stark suit) fight a guy  most think is the shocker in a parking lot surrounded by school buses. Then we see Peter (still in pre-Stark suit) fight Vulture on what seems like a beach of some sort and Peter seems to be getting his a** kicked badly. So I wonder how after Peter’s time with the Avengers and Tony will change him. Will the suit make that much of a difference? Just knowing more about why they fought back then could make it very interesting on why they are fighting in the present. I would also bring up Donald Glover’s mysterious role in the movie…do you have any thoughts because I still have no idea.


What do you think about Spider-Man Homecoming? What are you looking forward too the most??


Grant Billings is a contributor for Geek Stream, Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @FictionFeed_HQ


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