WATCH: Epic Jason Bourne V John Wick Fan-Made Mashup


John Wick 2 is set to be released later this year, its part of our most anticipated movies for this year. Now what if Joh Wick went head on with Jason Bourne?

That’s why we have Video Editor Mathew aka Stryder HD who has created an Epic-Mashup showcasing the two actors going head to head.

He has used Clips from the Jason Bourne films and the first John Wick movie.

Matt also made a Synopsis for the Reb Band Trailer which you can read below’

The plot for this encounter came to me when thinking about both films and characters in general. After watching the first “John Wick” film again, I realized the amount of loss and disaster that he had to deal with in his life, which is the case for Bourne as well. The plot of the video begins with the loss of Wick’s wife and he receives a last present from his, now deceased wife, a puppy. He is an emotional mess at the beginning of the trailer and rightly so after a close family member passes away. After he receives the gift of his new puppy, Daisy, he gets attacked by Bourne, out of virtually nowhere. Wick has now lost the last remains of his wife and anything that is now living from her past that he can live with. He must avenge the loss of the last gift from his dead wife and figure out who this person, and/or organization is.

Jason Bourne has made a mistake and killed the wrong person, or so it looks at the beginning when he is given the details of the person he was sent to kill. This person is not the right person, apparently and is told about how deadly John Wick can be. Not much later Bourne finds out from someone within the organization, after grilling him, that the killer of his father was indeed, John Wick. This feud is now ready to happen and an intense, action-packed movie is ready to occur.

Watch below and tell us what you think.

For more Awesome videos like this including DC/Marvel?Star Wars mashups, check out his YouTube channel at stryder HD


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